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Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting machines are one of the most recognized forms of CNC Technology; which have contributed to a revolutionary breakthrough in the metal profiling industry. Plasma profiling produces quality cuts on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can cut thicknesses from thin gauge to 38mm.

How does it Work?

CNC Plasma profiling has the advantage of high dimensional accuracy due to the use of Precision sensors and servo motors to drive the cutting head or ‘torch' of the machine guaranteeing meticulously profiled parts of consistently high quality and conformity. The use of CNC in this profiling process makes it ideal for trials, one-offs and mass production of identical parts.

Our CNC Plasma cutter uses a high speed ‘hot cut' process and can NOT cut through flammable materials.

York Profiling: Esprit-HPR-260 - PlasmaTechnical Specification

Esprit-HPR-260 - Plasma

  • 6500mm x 2100mm bed size
  • Can Cut mild steel up to 38mm
  • Can Cut stainless steel up to 30mm
  • Can Cut aluminium up to 30mm
  • It can also cut hardox, boron, brass & copper

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